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Sintel - material do DVD

Os vídeos que seguem são pequenas amostras do material dos DVDs do Filme Sintel.

O pacote de quatro DVDs incluem (texto abaixo copiado do site e-shop da Blender Foundation):

DVD 1: NTSC (4 GB)
* Sintel film (15m)
* Documentary by Ali Boubred (60m)
* Outtakes, with commentary videos by Colin (11m)
* 8 commentary tracks (director, writer, composer, rigger, entire team, animators, render team, coders)
* 8 subtitle languages
* Special DVD credit scroll

DVD 2: PAL (8 GB)
* Same structure as NTSC disc
* Additional 4 GB of studio data

DVD 3: Extras (8 GB)
* Html interface to browse the contents
* Sintel film in HD (5.1 and stereo mp4)
* Ali Boubred documentary in HD
* 29 tutorial videos, by 10 people, almost 5 hours.
* 4-split video of film, in storyboard, directors layout, opengl animation, final.
* High resolution artwork (incl poster, 4k renders)
* David Revoy concept art gallery
* Weeklies gallery + fun avi tests
* Esther Wouda on script progress and article on the screenplay
* the Live Edit: Blender sequencer with every shot as avi + grading setup
* Blender 2.5 render branch binaries
* OpenEXR originals from the render farm, 1 for every shot (220)
* Trailer

DVD 4: Data (8 GB)
* Full export of the production svn, all models, textures, animation & shot .blend files
* Renderfarm software (py scripts)
* Planning board files, breakdown

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